Производство стенда по проверке ТНВД серии NTS815 из Китая

NTS815 electronic fuel delivery measuring system test bench    

 NTS815стенд по проверке ТНВД 


 NTS815стенд по проверке ТНВД 

NTS815-- continuous fuel delivery analysis computerised measuring system for conventional and new diesel injection systems. the electronic fuel delivery measuring system is compulsory for modern diesel injection system testing.It guarantees a high level of reproductivity of the measured valuse.  

Продажа испытательного стенда форсуночного насоса серии NTS815 из Китая.

Main function
1.Measurement of each cylinder delivery at any speed。
2. Test point and interval angle of oil supply of injection pump.
3. Checking and adjust the mechanical governor.
4. Checking and adjusting the distributor pump.
5. .Experiment and adjusting of behavior of supercharging and compensatory device.
6. Measurement of oil return of distributing pump
7. Testing of the electromagnetic valve of distributor pump.(12V/24V)
8. Measurement of the internal pressure of distributor pump.
9. Checking of the advance angle of advance device.(on request)
10. Checking the sealing of injection pump body
11. Install tube of auto-sucking oil supply can check on oil supply pump(including VE pump.)
12. Checking the travel of stroke(on request)
13.oil lubricate (on request)
14. Foced cooler (on request)    

Technical characteristic

Adjustable cylinders numbers

Out power(Kw)


Rpm pre-set

Temperature control system

Positive pressure system

Positive pressure system


7.5  11
15   18.5



Air supply

DC power supply

internal pressure of VE pump

Oil return of VE pump

travel of tooth bar

Advanced angle

Capability with

pump type

(On request)

√(On request)

All in- line and rotary pum