Производство стенда по проверке ТНВД серии NT2001 PLC из Китая

NT2001 PLC diesel fuel injection pump test bench.

NT2001 series color LCD touch screen display diesel fuel injection test bench is our newly research hi-technology It controls by industrial computer. It included two kinds of operation systems: Color liquid crystal display screen(LCD Monitor )and two groups of four digit nixie tube display(digital display ). It included three kinds of controlling ways: LCD touch screen control, panel keyboard control and remote control. The panel keyboard of on the right of the computer provide all the control functions, touch screen and remote screen integrated the shortcut of commonly operational controlling way. rotary speed , temperature, pressure, travel of stroke advance angle and the  technical data of fuel injection pumps display on screen and can print. This series test bench adopt high quality frequency conversing device, and it has characteristic with hi-reliability, ultra-low-noise, energy save, high output torque, perfect auto-protecting function and operate easy. it is the easiest, the quickest, the most reliable in our business.

Продажа испытательного стенда форсуночного насоса серии NT2001 PLC  из Китая.

Main function
1.Measurement of each cylinder delivery at any speed。
2. Test point and interval angle of oil supply of injection pump.
3. Checking and adjust the mechanical governor.
4. Checking and adjusting the distributor pump.
5. .Experiment and adjusting of behavior of supercharging and compensatory device.
6. Measurement of oil return of distributing pump
7. Testing of the electromagnetic valve of distributor pump.(12V/24V)
8. Measurement of the internal pressure of distributor pump.
9. Checking of the advance angle of advance device.(on request)
10. Checking the sealing of injection pump body
11. Install tube of auto-sucking oil supply can check on oil supply pump(including

12.Checking the travel of stroke (on request)

13 LCD touch screen, two operating systems

Technical characteristic




Output power






Temp. Control


Positive Pressure


Negative Pressure 





Air supply


12/24 DC power supply


internal pressure of VE pump


Oil return of VE pump


Rack Stroke


Advance Angel


Capability with pump type

(On request)

(On request)

All in- line and rotary pump