Производство тестеров для испытания насоса EDC-VP37 из Китая

 тестер для испытания насоса EDC-VP37

В основном используются для испытаний электронных Насосов VP37


Продажа тестеры для испытания насоса EDC-VP37 из Китая.


1. Technical Data

1. Eletronic Power: 220V 50HZ

2. Output Power: 200 W

3. Data display: Light Four digital Nixietube

4. Control Range: 5%-95%

5. Precision : ±0.1%

6. 4 Pre-set : 5%, 16.25%, 72.5%, 95%


2. Button Instructions:

 1. " Select" Button: When the corresponding indicator light turns off, press "↑" "↓"button to adjust PWM value "5%-95%"; while the corresponding indicator light turn on, press "↑" "↓"button to choose 4 kinds of pre-set : 5%, 16.25%, 72.5%, 95%

     2. " RED4 POWER": The Oil ajusting speed device switch, when it light effective.

     3. " Limp home" Fixed speed switch, while the lamp light, PWM value is "95%"

     4. " Pull Down" switch, When the lamp light, PWM value is "5%"

     5. " Menu" " Enter" Menu Operating: it can change the controller and run the programm. Before left factory, all the data have pre-set well, don't change it by any way, and leads to abnormal usage.


3. Usage Instructions:

Connect the oil pump adjusting speed device through the cables along with test EDC itself, Open the power switch, then open " RED4 Power", the corresponding indicator lamp will be light,  display will show " 00.00", it can adjust the throttle up and down through the arrow "↑" "↓". Close the " RED4 POWER'  switch, oil pump power off.

   Press " Select" button, indicator lamp light, and press arrow "↑" "↓" to choose pre-set rank, and press " select" button again, indicator lamp power-off,

Then reback to the original situation.

   Under the situation " Select" light powe-off, press " pull down" output value is "95%", press " Limp home", controller output value will be " 5%".